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The ever evolving Amazon academy responsible for exploding sellers sales

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  • You have brilliant products, yet you don't know how best to sell your products profitably across global Amazon marketplaces, without making expensive mistakes along the way. 
  • You've spent hours trying to 'figure it out alone' and are overwhelmed by the ever evolving complex e-commerce strategies and systems needed to maximise your sales. 
  • You're actively selling on Amazon yet you're struggling to generate the sales you need to thrive. You're now out of ideas and feeling stressed as you attempt to increase sales without eroding your profit margins.
  • You're struggling to scale your business to the next level. You lack clear direction and the proven battle plans needed to compete with the bigger brands, which is stunting your growth. 

Introducing LaunchPod...

We believe every Amazon seller should have access to a team of experts to maximise their sales potential. 

LaunchPod is a hands on monthly membership programme that equips sellers with the critical skills, strategies and tools required to build profitable global Amazon brands.

All of this knowledge obtained from working at Amazon UK managing some of the largest brands in Europe. Whilst also servicing our existing 200+ LaunchPod members.


No contract. Cancel anytime. 

You'll gain instant access to...

Access to 40+ training courses

Bi-weekly strategy sessions

Our course library contains all of the latest blueprints, strategies and playbooks you need to build and grow a highly profitable Amazon business.  

We break everything down from how to create high converting listings to structuring your PPC campaigns and setting up Chatbot flows. All you need to do it watch them, execute the recommended actions, then sit back and watch your sales explode. 

To succeed on Amazon you need to ensure your knowledge and skillsets are constantly evolving. Which is why you'll gain access to our bi-weekly coaching sessions exclusive to LaunchPod members.  

One of our expert coaches will put on a 45-minute coaching session specific to their specialised topic. Ensuring you're up to speed with the formulas, blueprints and tactics you need to crush your competition and increase your sales.  

Facebook and Chatbot courses

24/7 community group

If you aren't currently utilising Facebook and Instagram ads to drive traffic to your Amazon listings then you're leaving thousands of pounds on the table. 

We've created courses which will enable you to discover how to launch campaigns, target your perfect customers, scale results, nail copywriting for ads, build chatbots, run split tests & optimise your campaigns.  

Which means you can tap into thousands of hidden customers, increase your traffic and convert more browsers into buyers. It will also allow you to build relationships with your customers off Amazon to increase their customer lifetime value (which equals more profit!). 

You probably won’t find better support for your Amazon business than here. Short of being at your 24/7 beck and call, this group is your go to port of call when things go South.  

Whether you find yourself getting overwhelmed after hitting a roadblock that you simply can’t solve yourself. Or just need to validate a couple of ideas before pulling the trigger...  

Your network of fellow sellers and expert coaches will be on hand to solve your problem within hours.  

Two brains are always better than one. 180 brains can be the difference between 7-figures and failure.

No contract. Cancel anytime. 

I cannot rate LaunchPod highly enough. Since becoming a member my sales have gone from £9k p/m to just under £22k p/m. 

New strategies and content is added to the portal every month, which means I'm never playing catch up or chasing my competitors. 

The community is also fantastic. Anytime I have a problem I know I have a knowledgable support group who will instantly help me out. 

Michelle - LaunchPod member

LaunchPod will help you to...

Build a global e-commerce business you love, that generates predictable income whilst giving you the freedom and lifestyle you want. You'll never feel overwhelmed again when you can tap straight into a community of like minded ambitous sellers who will give up their time to help you succeed. 

Finally get to grips with the technical side of building and managing your Amazon business - saving you hours of frustration and thousands in lost sales. Access the exact frameworks 7-figure sellers use to build unshakable Amazon brands that consistently convert ice cold browsers into customers for life. 

Eliminate the guesswork and risk of making expensive mistakes. Amazon is a complex game. A game that evolves every single month. You'll always be up to speed with the latest tools and tactics required to thrive on the marketplace which will increase your profits and keep you out of the Amazon graveyard.

Execute the latest strategies top e-commerce brands are using right now to signficantly increase their sales. Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of former Amazon employees and e-commerce experts to unlock unlimited customers and profits WITHOUT wasting thousands in burnt ad spend and lost sales.

No contract. Cancel anytime. 

Always evolving

The Amazon marketplace is constantly changing. Tools and strategies that are relevant now, will be useless in 6-months time.  

Which means you've got to be constantly evolving with it, or risk being washed out of the market. 

The biggest benefit of becoming a member of LaunchPod is that you'll always be up to date with the latest blueprints and strategies required to scale your business to 7-figures per year.  

This will not only save you time, but it'll also prevent you from burning cash on strategies that no longer work, allowing you to increase profits.

No contract. Cancel anytime. 

Join over 180 existing members...

Member results...

Increase annual sales by £443,000

Doubled sales in 12-months

This member smashes through the £1 MILLION barrier every single month. 

Since May (when this was taken) they've pushed on further and are now cemented within the top 30 Amazon sellers in the UK.

Their aim over the next 12-months is to hit the £2 million p/m barrier. 

The most profitable (and easiest) investment you'll make

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10 X Your Investment Every Month

Ever thought about how much money you're leaving on the table due to inadequate listings, non-existent follow up sequences, un-tapped traffic streams and a weak growth strategy? 

We guarantee that we'll at least 10X your monthly investment in LaunchPod. Here's how...

Wasted Amazon ad spend per month: £200

Wasted Facebook/Instagram ad spend per month: £200

Lost sales per month due to poor ad campaigns and non-existant sales strategies: 20 sales @ £15 = £300

Hours wasted 'figuring things out': 10 per month @ £30 per hour = £300


Reality is...

EVERY Amazon seller is playing in the same arena. 

The difference is the savvy ones know how to leverage the system to maximise their sales and crush their competition. 

Our aim is to fast track you towards your ultimate goal, whilst ensuring you avoid the hurdles, painful mistakes and stress along the way. 

So if you plan on using Amazon to increase your sales in 2020...  

Then this is hands down the cheapest (and easiest) way to get the strategies and resources you need to do it.  

Your other option is to lock yourself into a 6-month £1,500 per month contract with some watered down agency or just do nothing. 

Can you afford not to hop inside and see what the fuss is about?

Meet your new team...


Brand Strategy


George began his Amazon journey working in their UK headquarters, within the; FBA, Pan-EU FBA, SFP and Amazon Business teams. He then swanned off to Sydney once TLP was setup and whenever he returns complains about London’s sh*t coffee.


Funnel Building & Social Advertising


Tom enjoys spending as much money as possible on Facebook advertising whilst maintaining incredible metrics. If you need; social ads, email list, funnel building or marketing support he’s your go to. He’s up in the toon of Newcastle trying not to drop his newborn.


$150M in sales for clients in 2018


Dan spent $7 million on Amazon ads in 2018 and saw an outrageous $150 million in sales on the platform. He’s working with globally recognised brands on a daily basis over in San Diego. He’s still catching up on our English wit but is making great progess.


Brand Equity and Operational Efficiency 


Ben is also a former Amazon man, racking up 2-years in the UK head office before moving to Kraft Heinz. He’s setup multiple brands on Amazon off his own back and can frequently be found complaining about back issues at the ripe age of twenty-something.


World Leader in Facebook Messenger Bots 


Michelle has quickly established herself as the go-to lady for Amazon's top 1% sellers when it comes to Facebook messenger bots. She has an unparalled knowledge of how brands can utilise bots to build insane sales funnels on, and off, Amazon. 


Sourcing and Supply Specialist


Stephen is another former Amazon chap, having working with both Ben & George in the Amazon Business team. He’s been selling for many years himself, runs a consultancy and is incredibly good with the granular components of Amazon selling.

More testimonials...

Membership fees


Pay annually and save £113

FREE 14-day trial. Cancel anytime 

What's the worst that can happen?

I mean, let’s say the programme turns out to be a load of rubbish, and it doesn’t help your Amazon business as I’ve promised. Is the small financial investment you've made going to break the bank?  


And on the upside, let’s say the programme helps transform your business from one that doings a ten grand a month now, to one that's generating tens of thousands in sales per month. What impact will that have on your life?  

Not only will you have the skills and strategies required to crush Amazon. We’ll also be holding your hand each step of the way, ensuring you don’t go off track and fall of the cliff (which isn't ideal).  

At the end of the day, this is completely RISK FREE for you seeing as you're gaining access for FREE for 14-days. 

Zero downside, but unlimited upsides. 

Balls in your court...

Cancel anytime 

A wise owl once said...

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.”  

Month after month, we see troops of students who are trying to figure this game out alone by watching hours of outdated YouTube videos and readings endless blog posts. Reality is…  

This often results in thousands of pounds in lost sales (and wasted expenses). Why?  

Because they are either constantly making the SAME mistakes that are stunting their growth or…  

…it's taking them so long to learn the ropes that they're WASTING valuable months where they could be scooping up sales.  

Months when you literally could be implementing what has been tested and proven right NOW to grow your business.  

You now have a choice…  

Stay scared and be at the exact same place this time next year or… Invest a £47 in yourself and take the first step to hitting your full sales potential.  

You're one click away from having a team of experts at your fingertips

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